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Mentality of “Loving Company” in Japan.

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Some days ago, I wrote the article about Japanese culture.

This is the next article about Japanese culture series.

Mentality of “Loving Company” in Japan.

Almost all Japanese workers are company’s pet.

And they also love their company.

Japanese people had mind-control in family, schools, and a company.

We lost “Creativity” in the crazy culture.

“Loving Company” style worked well in 1980’s.

But now we need to have creativity to make advanced products.

That style bring below things.

  • Never try to think and know about orders from company.
  • Obey the orders like a robot.

We better stop loving our company.

In my idea, companies often spoil workers chance.

Then companies may get benefits, but workers couldn’t increase their skills or abilities.

We better be serious about our future.

  • Stop to love companies.
  • Know about newer technologies.
  • Never waste your lifetime, especially 20’s and 30’s.

Japanese have diligence.

If we could keep diligence, we may get the biggest chance.

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